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03 Sep / 2015

Looks- Be Stylish And Fashionable

Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone

“Trends Are Meant To Innovate And Inspire And Should Not Be Taken Too Literally”

Make-Up Affords You Limited Possibilities – It Allows You To Be Diva One Minute And Girl-Next-Door The Next. You Don’t Have To Take Beauty Magazines Literally – They Are There To Inspire You, To Get You Experimenting So That You Can Reinvent Yourself. Try To Find A Make- Up Style That Makes You Look And Feel Beautiful. Choose Colors That Will Enhance Your Appearance And Make- UP Techniques That Look Smooth and Natural.

02 Sep / 2015

Basic Make UP

Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone

This Look Is Easy To Achieve And Can Be Worked With Any Set Of Colors, But The Brown And Beige Tone Wa’ve  Used Are Natural Shades That Will Never Go Put Of Style. Thay Are Earthy And Soft, Easy To Blend And Go With Just About Anything. You Can Simply Intensify The Tone To Get A More Dramatic Look Or Play Up One Aspect Like We Did With The Eyelashes To Create Impact.

01 Sep / 2015


Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone

Eye Shadow Can Shimmer Subtly or Gleam Dramatically. It Can Also Be Maddeningly Hard To Master, Which Is Probably Why so Many Women Don’t Bother. If it’s True That Eyes is The Windows to the Soul, Eye Shadow Is the Window Dressing. It Can Be Sample as A Natural Sweep on the Lid or as Involved As multicolor, Shadow Play From Eyelid To Eyebrow. Aside From Some General Rules – Like Not Wearing Anything That’s Too Dark and Glitzy for Daywear, Or Clown Colors- the Hardest Part Is Choosing from a Huge Array of Options. Fashion Trends Help Narrow The Choices, But If You are Like Me You Shouldn’t Follow The Pack: Experiment Until You Find What Suits You And Look To Trends For Inspiration.

26 Aug / 2015


Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone


25 Aug / 2015

Smoky Eyes

Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone

No Matter How Dramatic, A Smoky eye will always Be Soft And Velvety.

 This Is a glamorous high- maintenance look and the key is careful blending with darker colors- Grey, brown, purple, deep green, charcoal, nevy…… Let The Darkest Shade At the Lash Line Grow Gradually Lighter As You Move Away From It, Create the Impression That You’ve Used One Color.

24 Aug / 2015

How to Look Naturally Beautiful

Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone

Every Woman Wants to Look Beautiful.

Beauty Is Redefined When Women Looks Simply Beautiful. 99% Women’s are spending so much money on buying Make up and Their Lifestyle. Here are Simple Tips to Look Naturally Beautiful without Any artificial products. No makeup expenses, Just Look pretty without too much efforts.

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