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Dominance of Indian village art depicting the culture and traditions of rural India

Dominance of Indian village art depicting the culture and traditions of rural India
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India is a country with diverse cultures and languages. As said, we can experience the real India only in villages so Indian village art has been prominent among rural people from decades. The Indian villages are full of talents and beauty. Though the basic work taken up by folks is farming but Indian villagers have been doing village art as well. The Indian village art is inspired by the culture of the rural India.  

Famous Madhubani Paintings and Patachitra Paintings

The art in every village is different which is depicted by paintings, handicrafts etc. Some of the known painting styles are Madhubani Paintings, Phad Paintings or the Patachitra Paintings. These paintings represent the culture and traditions of the villages. Madhubani paintings are in indigenous art form of villages in Bihar, India. It is practiced by women since many years to maintain prominence with this art. Madhubani paintings actually came into forefront when draught hit the areas of the villages and people didn’t have any source of income. These paintings are done on village or households walls depicting festivals, life-cycle of special events.

A Patachitra painting is a vivacious art form of villages in Orissa, a state Pattachitrain eastern India. The prominent art form was developed for Jagannath Dev. It is done on cloth making use of natural colors. These paintings have impacted the admirers across world. Unbelievable pictorial ideas, characteristic conventions and vivacious colors make the Patachitra an exclusive treasure of Indian traditional art.

The rural India is the identity of the country and skilled people in villages have used their creativity to carve out something indeed tremendous from it. Indian village art is precious for every Indian and these art forms are known worldwide due to their elegance and creativity. To know more about Indian village art, go through

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