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How To Care Lips

How To Care Lips
Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Beauty Zone Created Date: 2015-09-04 Hits: 558 Comment: 0

Lipstick is the make up item most women can least live without six out of ten of us apply an extra coat before we answer the doorbell, and we recognize Lipstick as easiest way to update our image- in the same way that changing a hemline can update our wordrobe. It is also the one make up product that women are most likely critical of if, once bought, they dislike its consistency and weight. This is probably because the lips, with their millions of nerve endings, are extremely sensitive. Because there are so many colors to choose from, It’s Hard to go wrong with lipstick. One day you might want a pale bardot look and the next, a vampy red Monroe. Nor do you have to stick to one shade. Feel free to mix and match your shades, instantly creating something new.

No lipstick no matter how creamy, look Good on cracked lips. Preventation care will keep your lip in good shape and condition.

·         Chapping : To Prevent Treat, Apply Balm daily so that it slightly overlaps the edges of the lips. Look for a balm with sun protection, vitamins A, C Or E, And AHAs.

·         Splitting : Cracks often occur after sleeping in dry air. To prevent this, be sure to apply balm for going to bed, and use a humidifier.

·         Lipstick Blending : This Begins as the skin around the mouth loses collagen and elastic tissue  age, or is aggravated by smoking. Using a waxy lipliner to outline lips will help contain your lipstick with line. When cosmetics no longer help, the more permanent (and pricey) solution is to have collagen injection to fill cracks.

·         Cold Sores: Caused by viral infections, these look like blisters or open scabs. To avoid reinfection, use cotton swabs to apply lipstick while sore is visible.

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