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About Us

The Premise

The quintessential Indianness of all things from this country with a long and hoary past is what constitutes its timeless appeal to a universal audience.

From time immemorial, people from across the seven seas have heard about the rich treasures of this wonderful land and have braved the elements, time and fear of the unknown, to set sail into this brave new world. And those who did land here have always been the richer for the discovery – in material terms, in spiritual terms and in many ways that have impacted their own cultures and world view.

What is eternally amazing about Indian art and culture and philosophy of life & living is the fact that even people from different parts of this vast country find the infinite variety of cultures, habits, arts and foods a constant voyage of discovery!

The Concept

Green Pixel Crafts Pvt Ltd. has a Vision at Indianarthub, to become the leading e-commerce portal for Indian designer and creative artifacts, apparel and objects d’art. While that is a large mandate to ourselves, we aim specifically to identify and help bring talents from small cities and towns as well as aspiring artists, from obscurity into the limelight. We do this by providing them a forum to showcase their talents to the right audience.

Indianarthub - A Thumbnail History

Started in 2013 , with paintings of exclusive artists and a panel of select curators, we focused on Paintings for home décor, for art aficionados as well as art investors. Growing from strength to strength, we established a loyal and growing base, a community that believed in aesthetic living.

We gradually expanded into Apparels and the large plethora of offerings that are featured on our website.

Our role has thus become that of a catalyst that provides support to indiaviduals and companies, who are designing hand-made artifacts, paintings and apparels and various other accessories

We have, over time, built a large and valuable database of talent.

  • We Invite, Artists, Vendors, Designers to join our Design gallery to exhibit and sell their work. We encourage even the new and upcoming artists or designers to showcase their products, in our community and gallery, 
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